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My name is Alistair Thompson and I am a guitar builder (luthier) located in Pretoria, South Africa. I have been building guitars for over 25 years, initially as a hobby, but now full time since retirement. I come from a science background, and am a self-taught luthier.

Alistair Thompson Guitars

Steel String Guitars

I have in the past built standard classical guitars, arched back classical guitars and a couple of jazz arch top guitars. But I now concentrate on building dreadnought guitars only.

Hand Crafted

I build traditional, handcrafted guitars with a deep love and respect for the woods I use. I strive to create aesthetically beautiful instruments with a great sound.

African Wood

My guitars (back, sides and neck) incorporate woods only found in Africa, and chosen because of their special beauty and acoustic properties. I use the finest tonewoods that all builders of fine guitars worldwide use.

No CNC Tech

The guitars that I build are handcrafted steel string acoustic instruments built in Africa, the cradle of civilization. I build each unique guitar myself - by hand, slowly and carefully. I only build 3-4 instruments a year. No CNC technology is used.

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Alistair Thompson Custom Made Guitars
Dreadnought Guitar 27
Alistair Thompson Custom Made Guitars
Dreadnought Guitar 30

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